presenting: THE CASE (6 min. short film)
"The Case" was shot in the industrial area of a place 
called Taverne in Ticino (Switzerland) in October 2010.
The crew of actors was composed by resident guys
of which every single one has contributed his part
in a great manner involving individual skills.

"The Case" is an action-loaded short film about a 
stolen red case. The thief, a former legionnaire, 
has no doubt about the precious content of the 
gang-guarded case and steals it. On his escape 
tour he has to face several fights and shootings as
a consequence since gangsters do so.
As a martial arts expert, the legionnaire is giving a
hard time to the italian gang and carries the case 
to the very ending, until...the secret of the content gets

Written, directed & produced by Frank Weinberg
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